What to the first car?

christopher 02/05/2018
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What to the first car?
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Passing the driving license exam can be one of the most important days in your life. Since that time you are able to drive a car on your own without asking for help your family members and friends. However, there is one more thing to think about: what car should you choose as the first car? This article will tell more about this issue.

What are features of a good car for beginners?

Before you purchase the car, you should know what are the features of best cars for first time drivers. There are many of them, such as:

– small – it is worth to buy compact car rather than a huge van. It will be the best solution for beginners who have still problems with parking their car. Moreover, this type of vehicle is perfect for every city rides and the driver will not have to worry about finding the right parking lot, there will be many opportunities due to limited dimension of the car.

– safe – the safety of the driver is the most important during selecting a dream car. It is worth to check the car at garage where the employees are able to do some tests to verify if the car is safe enough.

– cheap – if the beginner driver is not sure of his/her skills (and none is sure at the beginning), it is recommended to purchase a car that is not new and sold in a great price to not regret any scratches of the car. Moreover, the repair of a cheaper car is also less expensive than a new one.

The examples of the cars for beginners

There are some first car ideas that may be interesting for the beginner drivers. They are compact, cheap and easy to drive.

– Ford Fiesta – it is one of the best model by Ford. The car consists of three or five doors. It is suitable for 5-person family as well as for a couple.

– Fiat Punto – it is a little bit smaller than Ford Fiesta but it is also available in two versions with three or five doors. It is one of the cars that are used in driving schools and it is recommended by experts.

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