Scooter – a way to get around the city

christopher 02/05/2018
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Scooter – a way to get around the city
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Often you are stuck in traffic for hours, and yet you get goose bumps when you think about the tram? The recipe for your ills is the one-piece. Scooters are economical, beautiful and infernally fashionable. Do you know what kind of machine you can drive without category A license?

Riding a scooter is a lot of fun. You need to appreciate its practical values. This type of transport is unbeatable in the city. Only metro is better with traffic jams. However, the advantage of a two-wheeler is huge. Besides, if you get bored, you can sell it. Try to do the same with the used monthly ticket.

Types of scooters

The simplest existing scooter division concerns engine capacity and performance. This division is as follows:

  1. Mopeds (up to 50 ccm)
  2. Maxi-scooters, or motorcycles with a capacity of 125 cc and more

Mopeds do not require a driving license, provided that their maximum speed is limited to 45 km / h. You can ride them after the age of 14 and pass the moped exam. An ID card is enough for adults. After unlocking, small scooters can accelerate up to twice the speed.

Maxi-scooter is now an bigger machine. With an engine capacity of up to 125 ccm, you can ride on them with an A1 driving license from 16 years of age. For heavier scooters (over 125 ccm) you will need a full category A license. Some of the biggest scooters are real road cruisers. Some of them are the fastest electric scooters.

It is also worth paying attention to the emerging new class which are sports scooters. They have an aggressive styling, powerful engines, often over 500 ccm, sports suspension taken out of motorcycles and bigger wheels. These are not the electric scooter for kids.

Try one the electricity!

Electricians are gaining a wider group of devotees. They move almost noiselessly. However, it could be preceived as a disadvantage. Moreover, they do not emit any pollutants directly to the atmosphere and have full torque available from the hand.

The electric motor seems to be ecologically clean. It does not require gasoline, oils and is very easy to service. Even when its life comes to an end, a new drive unit can be put into the motorcycle at low cost. In addition, riding on the electricity is the cheapest way to overcome the distances. Driving 100 km is the cost less than one dollar with pennies! Electric motors are almost perfect.

The problem with vehicles that have such a drive is somewhere else. In batteries. Fully charged, it is enough to drive up only to 100 km and you have to load them again. Even with some scooter accessories. Time of recharging is often really long. Sometimes you have to charge the batteries even for a few hours. In addition, they are the least ecological part of the scooter, they are heavy and require specialist disposal. Electric scooters are still in the shadow of the exhausting older brothers, however as it comes in whole automotive industry, electric mobility is getting more supporters annually. That’s the point of interest of the biggest companies in the industry. However, great solution for overcoming distance is scooter!

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