Photography in the winter – ideas and inspirations

christopher 02/05/2018
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winter photography
Photography in the winter – ideas and inspirations
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In winter, you do not have to sit at home and view holiday photos. When there are snow themes for winter photography there are plenty. You just have to hurry to capture images that may disappear in a few hours. Let’s see how to take care of the equipment when it tweaks the frost and how to properly set the camera to enjoy the white landscapes.


Before we start worrying about equipment settings, let’s take care of ourselves. When winter photoshoot, we want to have the comfort that nothing will freeze us, the camera will not go off suddenly and we will not end up with a fever in bed for the next few days. Without these things, we have nothing to set off in the photographic plein-air in winter. You do not need to remind anyone about a warm jacket, shoes, a scarf and a hat. Moreover, fingerless gloves and normal long gloves could be very usefull, especially when the temperature goes below 0 centigrades. Think about thick warm socks as well. You should always take with you some spare batteries because during the winter they last for a shorter time.


The light meter in the camera selects the average parameters enabling adequate exposure. It must be admitted that usually such a measurement of light gives very good results. We receive duly exposed photographs, however, when a part of the frame is occupied by blue sky, green grass, trees or a fragment that a person fills. There are exceptions, however, and one of them will be noticed in the winter. Snow reflects much more light than an ordinary summer landscape. The camera receives this light, and because it is always trying to set the average exposure value, the pictures come underexposed. Digitizers are slowly getting smarter, but they are still not smart enough to deal with this issue. We must, therefore, deceive them. It is very important especially for photography for beginners because they do such mistake very often.

Winter landscape

Snowy landscape can completely change even the usual landscape outside the window, which becomes fresh, pure white. This is the perfect moment for the photographer. If we have such a possibility, it is worth taking pictures at dawn or just before sunset, when the light is soft and has unique colors. In winter, it is worth paying attention to photogenic shadows, which are very long due to the position of the sun in the sky. They can be the main point of our composition and emphasize the subject by giving shade. It is also worth paying attention to details? light reflecting in the snow, drawn icicles or frosted branches, grass or leaves.

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