Mobile website or phone application?

christopher 09/17/2019
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Mobile website or phone application?
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There is no doubt that traffic from mobile devices is increasing day by day. Google introduces newer and newer updates to its algorithms, which take into account whether the website can be displayed on mobile devices. All this meant that today every website owner must consider choosing a mobile website or phone application.

The best mobile web app

Since mobile devices differ in display size and capabilities, it seems that it is worth creating a separate mobile website. For what purpose? In order to avoid possible problems with the display of its content, but in fact we have several additional options.

Should we choose mobile app website?

If you look at some addresses of visited websites from your smartphone, you will notice that the addresses have the prefix “mobile” in front of the domain of the visited website. Such a mobile website is usually stored in completely separate directories and is connected to a subdomain. Because users do not use mobile devices as they do with their personal computers, this is the way I seem to be perfect. However, there are quite a few drawbacks to this solution, which in most cases outweigh the pluses.

Popular phone web app

Mobile websites take a lot of time for designers. The new site needs completely new HTML as well as CSS and JavaScript along with content, and sometimes even new visual effects. This can be a nightmare not only in the design phase, but also in updates, especially when you add new website options to regular computers. This will not always work on mobile devices. These additional workloads make your website more susceptible to various errors arising from the human factor. If such problems become more apparent, Google can actually punish your site.

When developing your friendly website for mobile devices with a separate URL, your SEO is diluted. Instead of letting your website gain all the SEO value, you distribute it to the next address, and your content is duplicated. This means that Google’s crawlers must go through every new address on your site.

Convert my website to mobile app

One example of when to consider building a mobile version of a website where such an option will be ideal are websites aimed at gathering opinions about various places or products. In this case, the computer layout of your site may scale incorrectly as the screen shrinks. Separation of these two versions also allows for greater freedom in the design of a mobile website and makes it possible to take care of details in each of the platforms.

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