How to make photos with drone?

christopher 02/05/2018
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How to make photos with drone?
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Videos and drone photography made by the drone are already widely used in the preparation of marketing materials, or the capture of beautiful aerial images, and unique events such as weddings. However, before you start using an unmanned aerial vehicle, you need to learn a few rules related to their safe use.

Is it worth buying a drone?

Photography and filming are areas that are constantly evolving, and having a drone becomes a standard in the assortment of every professional photographer and cameraman. Unmanned aerial vehicles have revolutionized aerophotographs and give the opportunity to prepare truly delightful materials.

What to pay attention to, after releasing the drone in a flight?

Appropriate preparation of drone and film and photographic equipment for work can reduce the risk of unforeseen events to a minimum. However, when the drone rises into the air, special care should be taken and the situation monitored constantly.

In the first phase it is best to send a drone to the most remote location, which is going to be recorded on the film or photographed. In further stages, and along with the falling charge level of the drone, it should be gradually brought closer to the landing site.

Drone for photographer – why is it worth it?

We may wonder what possibilities a drone gives the modern photographer. Currently, by means of a properly selected model of the drone we will register a high quality image from many places that are not available every day. This is not just about shots taken from high heights. Possibilities in this area are greater. Starting from the implementation of 360 degrees around the object, and ending with many ingenious frames from hard to reach places what is great definition of the best drone for photography.

What you need to know to choose well

Maximum flight time is the first thing. The batteries that keep the machine in the air for 10 minutes are enough to play, but to film it is better to buy a drone that can fly a bit longer and get additional batteries. Another thing is maximum lifting capacity or maximum take-off weight. It is important if the drone is to carry a camera or other objects.

Moreover, dronge photographer shoud consider camera quality. The better the camera is, the higher is the resolution of the recorded films and the higher is the number of frames. For home viewing, HD resolution may be enough, but sometimes we may need to record a movie in 4K especially for commercial drone photograph.

Control system of a drone is also an important feature. Remote control drone with camera has its own advantages, but sometimes for a semi-professional use ideally suited to a smartphone that will allow you to control the flight and supervise the work of the camera.


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