Eletrical vehicles for adults

christopher 02/05/2018
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electric vehicle
Eletrical vehicles for adults
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By 2023, the number of electric cars sold will double, according to the report prepared by specialist from whole around the World. Is it worth buying an electric car now?

Barriers of development

The biggest obstacle is the price of electric cars, including the price of a battery, which corresponds to even half of the total cost of the car. Experts believe that new technologies of production of Li-ion batteries will cause a drop in price on the one hand, and on the other they will respond to the expectations of users they have 600 km of electric car range.
Infrastructure is the second most important barrier. EV users expect more charging points, especially fast ones. According to a survey carried out by almost 75% of drivers expect that the battery will last for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Economics of use

The cost of use, in addition to the price of the car itself, i.e., to a large extent, the price of batteries, also includes the difference between the price of electricity and the price of other fuels.

EVs have a simpler construction than internal combustion cars. The EV drive system itself consists of 320 components compared to 4000 in ICE. This translates into lower maintenance costs. At the moment, however, the break-even point, in the absence of excise duty, is reached only after traveling 50,000. km per year.

Specialists expect that over the next 7 years, most barriers to EV related to the infrastructure, capacity and price of batteries and the total cost of EV usage will be overcome. For this to happen, producers need to strengthen the competitiveness of EV by increasing economies of scale and decreasing costs of the transmission system, including mainly cost of electric cars.

Which is the cheapest electric car?

There is no better car for a young person like the electric 500i. Perfect for those who want to enjoy the pleasure of driving, and at the same time do not need a lot of luggage space. The Fiat 500e has a range of 100-160 km and unfortunately there is no fast charging. However, it is one of the cheapest electric cars available on the market, which in addition looks nice. Fiat is only available in the USA and can be imported or searched for on the spot.

Nissan Leag is a car that is a little more expensive than the predecessor, however, still at an affordable price. It has a quick charger, and the range is comparable to Fiat 500e. The downside for some may be the appearance of Nissan LEAF because not everyone likes it. LEAF, is a city hatchback, which is bigger than Fiat 500e and more compact. It’s cost to charge electric car is relatively low.

Chevrolet Volt is not in 100% electric car because it is a hybrid that has a range on the battery in the summer of about 70 km, after this distance switches to a gasoline engine. The best plug-in currently on the market because it provides the largest electrical range. While traveling around the city, the range on the battery is enough for us, and when we want to go somewhere else we have a gasoline engine.

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