Eletric bike or scooter?

christopher 02/05/2018
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Eletric bike or scooter?
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Electric bicycles are gaining increasing popularity on the market. Even so, you often hear voices saying that riding does not make sense, because it is better to buy a scooters electric mobility, and if you want to move, then there is nothing to cheat with an electric motor and buy a regular bike. Although it is difficult to refuse such an approach, it omits some important facts.

The best electric bike used mobility

It is not true that an electric bike can be compared to a scooter. As the name suggests, it is a bicycle, so to put it in motion you need the strength of our muscles, which we put into pedaling. Yes, the electric motor makes it easier for us and we can afford less effort, but still such a vehicle requires us to move. Therefore, it is a great solution for older people who already have problems with cycling difficult hills, as well as people who have been injured, significantly impeding the movement of a bicycle. Thanks to the adjustment of the level of support, they can gradually intensify the training until even its complete shutdown. Such training will be particularly demanding, because the electric bike is definitely heavier than ordinary. You can of course choose mobility scooter rental.

The whole misunderstanding about scooters, mopeds and electric bikes is usually based on incomplete knowledge about the definition of these vehicles. The electric bike is a bicycle, driven by pedals and chain, enriched with an electric motor with a maximum power of 250 W. Additionally, the support can only take place up to a speed of 25 km/h. Often, manufacturers do not strictly follow these instructions and put 500 W or even 750 W motors into their bikes. They also do not provide a support block at 25 km/h. It must be remembered that such a single track, by law, is no longer an electric bicycle and is subject to other, more restrictive legal provisions. It is also not a vehicle designed for cycling.

Very fast transport

On most bikes you will find a motor mounted in the central part of the bike in the bottom of the carriage, as well as a battery placed in the frame. This solution provides the best driving experience, because this bike is much better balanced than when mounting the engine in the front or rear wheel, and the engine sensors well sense the start and end of pedaling, so we get support exactly when we need it, which on the one hand, it contributes to greater energy savings and on the other hand to easier driving on hills. On one battery, depending on its capacity, on the difficulty of the area in which we will move, and also from the level of the set support, you can drive up to 150 kilometers.

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